Why Give Blood?

Together with carrying a donor car and giving bone marrow, donating blood is one of life’s most virtuous of actions.

How does blood help a patient?

Blood is made up primarily of three constituents: plasma, platelets and red blood cells. Each have their uses in certain medical situations. For example, platelets function as blood clotting agents, and so are vital in stemming and preventing bleeding.Red blood cells are often used to treat cancer and anaemia. They are also important for carrying out surgeries, especially concerning transplants and burn cases.Plasma, the last of these three components, is what the cells and platelets are suspended in. It contains nutrients, proteins and clotting agents, all of which are vital to a recovering patient.

Why you should give blood

The constant supply of regular blood donations is vital to maintaining the stock of healthy blood available to hospitals up and down the country. The reason for this is that blood can only be kept a certain amount of time before it can no longer be used in transfusions.Further to this, the fact that people have different blood types, some more rare that others, means that the supply of common blood-types will be greater than that of rarer forms. Having more donators will increase the supply for all types of blood.