How Mental Games Can Enhance Your Cognitive Values

Since time immemorial, people have strived to find out effective ways of working out the brain for better cognitive functions. From personal mental exercise to nootropics (neuro-enhancing pills), there are numerous things you can do to enhance your mental capacity. Playing mental games and other tasks that involve the brain goes a long way in re-wiring your cognitive values.

How Learning a New Game Strategy Boosts Brain Function

Ever thought of whether playing a game has any brain-enhancing benefits? When playing blackjack or poker, it’s normal to slip out of course and make mistakes. That’s not normal. But when you lose your knack of composing your mental abilities from time to time, that’s a problem. Luckily, you can learn new strategies to bolster your focus and get you back to your “zone”. According to medical practitioners, when we perform a mental activity very often (like playing poker), new neural channels are formed. From a biological perspective, this enhances the nerve fibres, making them thicker. Think of an electrical conductor: The thicker the conductor, the faster the conduction. Therefore, the more we engage the brain in a poker game, the more neural channels are created, and our brains become better adapted to such experiences. Let’s look at some of games and tasks that boost brain function.


Crosswords are great for brain training because they not only enhance your language skills but also test your memory in many fields of knowledge. An advantage is that gamers have an opportunity to play both on and offline. Alternatively, you can buy a crossword-puzzle book of your level and get your brain thinking.

Test Your Recall Powers

Create a list of items. It can be a shopping list, grocery, or of whatever you please and commit it to memory. After a while (an hour or so), try and recall the items in your list to see how many you can cover. For further mental exertion, try a more challenging list.

Brandi Bernier