Four Beneficial Effects of Adrenaline to the Body

“Adrenaline junkies” is what the world calls those who find fun in extreme sports. While most people do not share the same love, humanity has much for which to thank adrenaline. Both a hormone and a neurotransmitter, it plays a crucial role in stress mediation, physical performance, and quality of life. Here are four ways an occasional adrenaline rush is good for the body.

Complements Survival Instincts

It is also called a “fight or flight” hormone. It kicks in anytime you feel threatened and helps you decide whether to take to the hills or stand your ground and fight. Both cowards and warriors owe their lives to this hormone.

Heightens Experience

You can get an adrenaline rush in any situation as long as there is a perception of threat to life. However, sometimes danger does not have to be genuine. A horror movie, action-packed film or immersive brain-teasing games can offer the same adrenaline rush as when you are walking alone in a dark alley. The hormone heightens the experience, and the feeling remains even after the game or movie is over.

Makes Breathing Easy

Adrenaline eases blood pumping by signalling the muscles, including the lungs, to relax. It is no surprise that asthmatic patients produce a lot of the stress hormone and sometimes get an adrenaline injection when under attack.

Help Cope with Workloads

Some people deliver best when they work close to the deadline. It might be because they are smart. However, most of them are merely reaping the benefits of a blood-filled system. Adrenaline increases alertness, vision, and speed of activity. Besides, the after feeling is almost exhilarating.


As long as it is not long-lasting, a short adrenaline blast is good for the muscles and the body. Remember that some people get the “adrenaline rush”more natural than others. While some might need to go sky diving, others might only need to sit down and play a game like poker.

Brandi Bernier